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Gifts and Greetings || Frequent Questions

Remember the old tradition of making a new neighbor feel welcomed? Today, unfortunately most people are too busy to welcome their new neighbors. The good news is that businesses just like yours can replace this lost tradition with its own wonderful hospitality and we've proven it with a great track record in almost every business imaginable.

New Movers = New Habits

Reaching New Movers is important because people are creatures of HABIT. It's much easier to give someone a good reason to come to you first - rather than try to take them from your competition after their habit has formed.

According to Census information, 17% (or 1 in 5) people move every year. Many businesses like the idea of replacing the customers who move away from them with the new ones who move into their old customers' homes.

New Movers are a special group of consumers...people whose recent change of residency has caused them to look for many new services. This special group is OPEN and SEARCHING...very important factors when target marketing. New movers spend more in the first 6 months after their move than other residents do in 5 years. New movers are in the mode of change, so, in essence, they are open to change. If you invite them to your business during this time of change, you have a higher likelihood to capture them as a new customer.

We put together a gift package from businesses who want to be the first to extend a "welcome" to new families in our community...and to reach this valuable market BEFORE they form buying habits somewhere else. It's a way to make a special offer or greeting to a small, select group of people. Plus, most of the time our price is less than the cost of doing it yourself and without the monthly hassle.


  • Upscale, personalized welcoming package
  • Loyalty / Word-Of-Mouth Program designed to reach new people BEFORE they establish buying habits elsewhere.
  • NO national inserts
  • Hand-written envelope
  • First Class Stamp, NOT bulk mailed
  • Households/Homeowners
  • Mailed first week of each month taking names from last 30 days
  • Exclusivity (by SIC code) with 12 month contract
  • Contracts are perpetual - a minimum of 6 or 12 months and then continuing until a 60 day notice is given.
  • Includes follow-up list e-mailed (if requested)
  • Includes 20 extra printed pieces (if requested)
  • Includes 1 hour customer service seminar for employees (if requested)

Turnkey Program: We provide creative design, printing, postage and mailing every month.

Audience: Homeowners who have communicated a change of address. Discreet, Exclusive, Impressionable.

One Time Design Fee: $45 (includes graphic design, marketing analysis & proof)

Areas: Choose from any of the following areas:

  • East Brainerd / Ooltewah    (188 average per month)
  • Hixson / Soddy  (166 average per month)

    Call to inquire about other areas soon to open.

The figures above are 12 month averages - ­ You will be billed for exactly what mails.

Options: 2-sided printing, Follow-up Mailing List

Cost: As low as 50¢ - 95¢ per household

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