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Gifts and Greetings Frequently Asked Questions || Back to Gifts and Greetings Page

Why target new movers?

New people are arriving all the time. You need to be there first - - before they've chosen all their vital services - - and we can help make that happen! We will introduce your business to new movers in the areas you choose.
You'll save money and time in the future if you get someone through the door now - - before they establish buying habits elsewhere.

Why is this a WORD-Of-MOUTH program?

Everyone tells us W-O-M is their best advertising. We agree and have a program designed to generate W-O-M. Normally W-O-M just happens naturally because people are happy with your service and/or products. But in order to generate word-of-mouth you have to get people through the door.

Our program is designed to do just that - - and we do it by mailing a "gift basket" full of gifts and greetings to mostly new movers. Warm greetings and true gifts (no strings attached) are rare and therefore get people talking. No business can afford to do something like this on a large scale but since our "gift baskets" only go to small numbers of people each month, it is very manageable. This program isn't something that gets large numbers of people through the door and then they're gone - - instead we focus on very tiny numbers of people that tell others about you - - and stay with you.

What does it look like?

This is a package of true gift certificates in an inviting, upscale package. It goes to very small amount of people, ONE time, so most of the participating businesses make a very nice offer... That way people talk about it to their friends AND it gives them a good reason to get off the couch and come in to check you out. The envelope is hand-addressed with a first class stamp. There are no national inserts--everything is local.

What areas are available?

  • East Brainerd / Ooltewah    (188 households)
  • Hixson / Soddy   (166 households)

(More areas will be opening soon)

How much does it cost?

From 50¢ to 95¢ per household - - usually less than the cost of doing it yourself and without the monthly hassle. There is also a $45 one-time art set-up fee. Since we pay for printing and lists before the first invoice ever goes out, we ask for a deposit. You will be billed for the exact amount mailed each month thereafter.

When will I see results?

Usually within 2 - 6 weeks.

When does this reach the new mover?

Usually within a month.

Will my competition know I'm in this program?

Probably not - - many people like this program because it is very discreet.

How long have you been in business?

We have been in business since 1985 in the Chattanooga area and have been serving new movers since 1992.

How accurate is your list?

Our new mover data is sourced from the National Directory Assistance file which contains nearly every newly established telephone line in the nation. Once that telephone line goes active, we know a new mover prospect is ready to receive your offers.

Most importantly, the National Directory Assistance file is updated every single night. Because of those nightly updates, our customers can reach new movers within days of them actually moving in, not months later like traditionally compiled new mover data.

I'm thinking of reaching new movers myself. Why should I consider this program?

Reaching new movers by yourself generally costs about what we charge in our turnkey program. Postage is 39¢, names can cost 25¢ each, printing can run from 5¢ to 25¢ each and up! Even if money isn't an issue, many of our clients who have tried to do it themselves tell us it isn't worth the monthly hassle. Another advantage to a program like this is that when a community gift package arrives, there is quite a bit of excitement. This program is based around good-will, community spirit and is meant to generate WORD-OF-MOUTH.

I already do a lot of advertizing...won't I reach new movers anyway?

A new movers program is not advertising - - when people get a true gift package there is a totally different feeling attached to it. Think about it - - a package of gifts to welcome them - - what a great way to generate WORD-OF-MOUTH advertising and a warm fuzzy feeling. With this select market, you will be reaching small amounts of people only one time; therefore, you can do things with this program that you could never do with any other media.

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