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Hometown Marketing can provide mailing lists for any zip code in the United States. We will help you determine the best way to reach your target market and provide free counts and quotes.

Basically, there are 4 different types of mailing lists:

1. Resident/Occupant Lists

(Label reads either “resident” or “occupant” (no name).

  • Compiled by the U.S. Post Office and updated quarterly
  • CASS certified (which means you get the lowest possible postage rates)
  • Cost is $15 per thousand names or 1.5¢ per name
  • Minimum order of $125.
  • Selects:
    • Geography selection: States, Counties, SCF's (first 3 numbers of a ZIP code), ZIP codes, Carrier Routes, Radius (need zip code or specific address)
    • Households / Apartments
    • Attention Line
    • Nth Select (Feathering – e.g. every 4 th name)

2. Head of Household Lists

(Label gives the specific name of the head of the household, unless specified otherwise)

  • Compiled by major compilers such as Experian, R. L. Polk, Donnelly, etc. - updated every 6 - 12 weeks.
  • Cost is $40 per thousand or 4¢ each.
  • Demographics are usually $5 - $10 per thousand but call and get an exact count and quote.
  • There is a minimum of 5000 names or $200.
  • Selects:
    • Geography: States, Counties, SCF's (first 3 numbers of a ZIP code), ZIP codes, Carrier Routes
    • Radius (need zip code or specific address)
    • Age (Exact or Inferred)
    • Income (Inferred)
    • Gender
    • Housing: Estimated Home Value, Homeownership, Dwelling Type,
    • Presence of Children
    • Length of Residence

If you choose to make phone calls into households, you must apply for a “SAN” number. In order to get a SAN number, go to donotcall.gov and register. No list company will give you phone numbers without this SAN number.

3. Business Lists

  • Compiled by major compilers such as Dun & Bradstreet, Donnelly, etc.
  • Cost is usually around $50 per thousand or 5¢ per name.
  • Minimum of 5000 names or $250.
  • Selects:
    • Geography: Location: States, Counties, SCF's (first 3 numbers of a ZIP code), ZIP codes, Carrier Routes
    • Type of Business - Yellow Page Heading, SIC code, Major Industry Group
    • Business Size - Number of Employees, Sales Volume
    • Location Type - Corporate Headquarters, Branch
    • Phone
    • Contact Name (key decision makers only)
    • Attention Line
    • Yellow Page Ad Size
    • Years in Database
  • Selects are usually priced $10 - $20 per thousand.

4. Specialty Lists

  • Examples include:
    • Automobile Information (make, model, year)
    • Ulta-Affluent People, Millionaires, Investors, Boat Owners, Aircraft Owners
    • Teachers at Home, High School Students, Nurses,
    • Schools, Libraries
    • Subscribers to Magazines
  • Call for additional possibilities
  • Cost usually starts at $60 per thousand and can go over $100 per thousand.
  • Minimum costs vary - - call for quote.

General Information

  • Mailing lists are usually guaranteed for a minimum of 90% deliverability.
  • Allow 24 to 48 hours for processing.
  • Delivery: E-mail (fastest and most common), disk, hard copy
  • Send Purchase Order to: denise@hometownmarketing.net – or fax to (Toll Free) 866.489.7755



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