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"Let's Talk Money" | Contract | E-Plug Info Form

Join Jim Place and Sal Geraci of Evergreen Management as they lead you through the perils and pitfalls of finance and investment every weekday from Noon until 1:00pm. From Roth IRA's and 401K's to future business trends and practical advice on how to save your money the right way, Sal and Jim have the answer to your financial questions every weekday.

They keep a sharp eye on the markets, explore emerging business trends, and bring in experts from various fields of business to discuss the ever changing world of business and how it affects you. From the latest news from the world of e-commerce to the old fashioned American mom-and-pop shop, Jim and Sal cover all the bases, helping to make your lunch break one of the most profitable parts of your day.

This highly-rated show has been in existence since 1993 and has a very loyal audience of listeners who are interested in financial issues - - people who are "planners" and open to suggestions to help them better themselves - -people who have wealth or who want wealth...

Who: Sal Geraci and Jim Place, Financial Investment Specialists, Evergreen Management

What: Live Talk Radio Format Program for people interested in Wealth Management. This show is exceptional for reaching business owners and high income households.

When: Monday through Friday, 12 noon - 1 pm

Where: WGOW-FM (102.3)

Rate Information:

  • 60-second spots / 30-second spots: $75/$50
  • Live Read: $90/$75
  • Longevity Discounts Available

Stock Market Report:

  • Open with 15-second liner (Monday through Friday)
  • Investment: $35
    (The Stock Market Report is a presentation of...)

At the 1/2 Hour Sponsorship:

  • 15-second liner (Monday through Friday)
  • Starting at $35
    (This portion of "Let's Talk Money" is brought to you by...)

Remote Broadcast:

  • Jim & Sal broadcast "Let's Talk Money" from your business, 12n - 1 P
  • Remote promos
  • 4-liners and promos for your business during the show
  • Investment: $1,000


  • Live interview with Sal or Jim, 3 - 5 minutes
  • Pre-Approval required; Must not conflict with any advertising sponsor and be pre-approved.
  • Investment: $300 per e-plug

Title Sponsorship:

  • Opening when show starts: "It's now time for LTM", sponsored by (then a liner)
  • Includes 60-second spot within show
  • Also includes plugs by Jim and Sal
  • 26-week minimum requirement
  • $110 per day

Guest Spotlight:

  • 15-20 minute segment with pre-determined subject
  • Take questions from callers or just do special segment.
  • $250

To "listen live" from your computer go to www.wgow.com/fm/ltmoney  and then click on LISTEN LIVE, STUDIO CAM ONE, STUDIO CAM TWO or BOTH WEBCAMS.

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