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Fish || More Information About Fish

What is fish? A monthly magazine distributed free to churches, area bookstores and businesses, offering a variety of entertainment appreciated by Christian families in Southeast Tennessee and Northwest Georgia. Our current calendar of events is at www.readfish.com.

What kinds of activities? From organized hikes at the Chattanooga Nature Center and top Christian vocalists at Memorial Auditorium to hand bell choir performances, chorales and theatrical shows in area churches, schools and colleges, fish features public activities of interest to Chattanooga Christians.

What's the charge? Free! Mail, fax or e-mail your announcements & we'll place your activities in our calendars or as a separate article. If we really like the idea, we might use it as a cover story.

What's the deadline? Early, including photos (color or black and white). Information for each issue needs to be collected at least two weeks before the first of the month.

Do you accept advertising? Yes! It's how fish survives. Our rates are competitive and you'll be reaching more than 10,000 people each month, not including visitors to our Web site. Call for information.

Want fish? If interested in free copies for distribution among clients, customers or members, call or write and tell us how many and where to take the magazine. We'll be there as soon as possible.

How do I make contact? Call (423) 899-2009. Fax (423) 698-5401. E­ mail us at events@readfish.com. Or write us at P.O. Box 80216, Chattanooga, TN, 37411. Leave a message & we'll call ASAP.

What do I send? Here are the basics. The more the better; we'll edit: Date. Time. Location. Cost. Event name. Phone number and email for more info. Website, if relevant. Description of activities. Description of groups or individuals involved. Read a few stories in fish as examples.

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