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Hometown Marketing
6960 Lee Highway
Suite 201
Chattanooga, TN 37421

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311 Windy Hollow Drive
Chattanooga, TN 37421

Phone: 423.899.8702
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Mobile: 423.320.0357
Voice Mail: 423.517.1406

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Our Mission
Hometown Marketing will provide quality marketing programs at a fair price and with exceptional customer service. We strive to live by the Golden Rule in every aspect of the way we do business.

Hometown Marketing is a Chattanooga, Tennessee based company specializing in highly targeted markets such as high income, new movers, businesses and programs reaching specific local neighborhoods and communities.

Select from our marketing options below and learn more about us to find a marketing solution that is appropriate for your business...

Town Planner
Is there such a thing as direct mail that people look forward to receiving?
YOU BET! The Town Planner is mailed each year to thousands of area households and businesses.

What makes us different? For one thing, a super-high retention (over 85%). Not only that but when it's kept, it's kept and referred to regularly FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR! More >>

Hometown East Ridge

Hometown - East Ridge
A magazine reaching every household and business in East Ridge.  Included is City of East Ridge News, community information, light-hearted reading, menus and money saving offers.
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Mailing List

Mailing Lists
Hometown Marketing can provide mailing lists for any zip code in the United States. We will help you determine the best way to reach your target market and provide free counts and quotes.
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New Movers Chattanoga, Tennessee

Welcome New Movers
Reach New Movers BEFORE they establish buying habits with someone else. This is a program for people who:
* Don't like advertising but do like the idea of replacing their customers who move away.
* Like the privacy of this type of marketing.
* Understand what one new loyal, long-term customer can mean to the bottom line.
* Have tried doing it themselves and found it took too much time, and usually didn't get done

Follow up

World's Best Follow-Up Program
We Work With Businesses Who:
* Feel they are losing money due to poor follow-up
* Want to build World-of-Mouth advertising and referrals
* Are struggling to find was to stay Top-of-Mind with their prospects without feeling like a pest

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